Stephen W Bennett - Koban 3 Rise Of The Kobani - (Koban #3) (Eric Michael Summerer) - 2014 (32kb)

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Stephen W  Bennett - Koban 3 Rise of the Kobani - (Koban #3) (Eric Michael Summerer) - 2014 (32kb)

Stephen W Bennett - Koban 3 Rise of the Kobani - (Koban #3) (Eric Michael Summerer) - 2014 (32kb).torrent
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Written by Stephen W. Bennett
Read by Eric Michael Summerer
Format: MP3

The Kobani use captured Krall ships to return to Human Space. They seek expert training for their genetically modified fighters, modern weapons and new medical technology. There's a possible block to this help in the form of death penalty laws of the Planetary Union, prohibiting gene modifications of humans. A holdover from the Gene War, which nearly extinguished humanity. A perilous descent through a war torn planet's space defenses is a first step.


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